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ZOLL AED Plus Pedi-Padz II

ZOLL AED Plus Pedi-Padz II

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For use with the Zoll AED Plus. When connected to the defibrillator, voice and text prompts inform the rescuers that the Pedi Padz® are connected, ensuring that the proper electrodes are being used.


The defibrillator will automatically provide reduced shock energy levels suitable for a child.

 The Pedi-Padz II is a two-piece electrode with intelligent Paediatric Capability to ensure the device analyzes a child’s heart rhythm. 

This product has a voice and text prompt that informs the rescuer that pediatric pads are connected to prevent misuse. 

Separate and specific algorithms designed for children are used to analyse a young victim’s heart rhythm, it also has clear diagrams on packaging that shows easy placement of electrodes.

Suitable for children aged 0-8 years, with a 2 year shelf life.

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