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SCHILLER FRED easyport® Semi Automatic Defibrillator

SCHILLER FRED easyport® Semi Automatic Defibrillator

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This AED allows users to take the device with them wherever they go, ensuring they’re ready to respond, should a cardiac emergency occur.  The simplistic design of the defibrillator ensures both trained and untrained responders are capable of delivering a shock to a patient, should one be required.  

FRED easyport is the ideal companion for physicians, public service staff, even for risk patients and their family members, or other persons trained in early defibrillation. This dramatically reduces the response time to treat ventricular fibrillation and tachycardias, giving victims a much better chance of survival.

Multipulse Biowave®

Most SCHILLER defibrillators feature the sophisticated Multipulse Biowave technology. This patented defibrillation waveform is pulsed at high frequency. It consists of two phases of current flowing in opposite directions (biphasic). The Multipulse Biowave technology ensures an effective and safe defibrillation shock while minimising damage to the myocardium.

Additional features:

Ultra light – only 490 grams (incl. batteries)

Ultra small – 133 x 126 x 35 mm (l x w x h)

High-resolution LCD screen

Configurable adult and paediatric energy settings according to standard values

Automatic switch to paediatric energy level when paediatric electrodes are connected

Manual override: doctors can override the AED mode and decide whether they want to deliver the shock or no

Protective carry bag with belt loop makes transportation easy



1 x Adult/child pads

1 x Battery

1 x Soft carry case

1 x User guide 

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