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Powerheart G5 Semi Automatic Defibrillator – CPRD

Powerheart G5 Semi Automatic Defibrillator – CPRD

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The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Semi Automatic with CPR Device is a device that can be used by first time responders and medical professionals alike and provides CPR feedback during the rescue, helping users through each stage of the rescue process. First-time users can successfully perform the critical steps of a rescue with the Powerheart G5’s real-time CPR feedback, user-paced instruction, intuitive pad design and semi-automatic shock delivery.


Additional features:

Real-time CPR feedback gives rescuers specific guidance on compression depth and rate as recommended by the 2015 Resuscitation Guidelines.

Semi Automatic defibrillator analyses heart and requires rescuer to press shock button (if needed)

Reliable and rugged AED- tested to military standards

Variable escalating energy (65J to 354J)

RescueCoach TM Voice prompts provide user paced instructions

Metronome for CPR compression rate

Automatic self tests: daily, weekly, monthly

90 mins of rescue data



1 x Adult CPRD pads

1 x Battery

1 x Rescue kit

1 x AED Manager and User Manual

1 x Quick Start Tool Kit: includes Quick Start Guide, CD-ROM & AED Manual, RescueLink & MDLink and Serial Communication Cable

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