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Defibtech Lifeline VIEW, ECG & Pro Paediatric Pads

Defibtech Lifeline VIEW, ECG & Pro Paediatric Pads

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This paediatric pad pack, compatible for use with the Defibtech Lifeline View, ECG and Pro, will ensure a reduced energy shock is delivered at a level appropriate for paediatric patients. When the pads are connected to your Lifeline defibrillator, the instructional videos on the interactive display screen are automatically adjusted, providing step-by-step guidance suitable for infant / child treatment.


Designed for treatment of infants and children 1-8 years old/less than 25kg in weight

Must be replaced after use, or after 2 year electrode pad lifespan

Supplied as a pair of electrode pads in a sealed pack with connector cable

Packaging shows the rescuer how to apply the pads with visual instructions

Allows ECG rhythm analysis to take place and the defibrillator to deliver a shock

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