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C1A Mindray BeneHeart Defibrillator & Unlocked Cabinet Telephone Box Package

C1A Mindray BeneHeart Defibrillator & Unlocked Cabinet Telephone Box Package

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Fully and Semi Automatic Defibrillator

The Mindray C1A is suitable for placement in a variety of environments. Adopting a simplistic design, this device enables both trained and untrained responders to act during a cardiac emergency with confidence.

Defibrillator features:

ResQNavi – evaluates proficiency level of rescuer and provides intelligent rescue navigation tailored to user

Simple Adult/Paediatric mode switch

Pre-connected adult/child pads- no need for additional sets of pads

QShock – Fast time to 1st Shock  (less than 8s) increasing chance of successful defibrillation

360J biphasic high energy for better outcome

Robust design – 1.5m drop test

IP55 rating, protected against dust and water

Battery and pads have a shelf life of up to 5 years

8 year manufacturer’s warranty


Cabinet features:

DefibSafe 2 gives superior protection from the elements. The door is made from the same material that is used to make riot shields giving additional peace of mind about the safety of the defibrillator inside.

IP66 rating

Highly durable

Flat bar handle

Thermostatically controlled frost protection and full insulation

10 year warranty


Package includes:

1 x Mindray C1A Defibrillator (Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic models available)

1 x DefibSafe2 Outdoor Unlocked Cabinet with additional telephone box fittings 

1 x AED 3D Wall Sign

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